Tribute to Khairul Bashar

Mr Khairul Bashar passed away on 26 December 2015 in Kuala Lumpur at age 78. He was suffering from a serious lung infection and hospitalised for almost five weeks before he succumbed to the illness. In compliance with his wish, his body was flown to Dhaka, Bangladesh, for burial. Since then, Aidcom has continuously received tributes of the great man from friends, academicians and acquaintances in the development communication and media fields. Many remembered him as a person who was gentle yet passionate in everything he did. Others remembered great times spent together. Below are some of the tributes Aidcom received.

“The Asia-Pacific region lost a towering figure in the field of development communication training and research with the passing of Khairul Bashar on Dec 26 last year in Kuala Lumpur. We also lost a champion of press freedom who never failed via AIDCOM to organise events to mark World Press Freedom Day.”

Dato’ Azman Ujang
Former Editor-in-Chief, Bernama, Malaysia

“The passing away of Mr Bashar is not only a great lost to development communication but difficult to be replaced.  His contributions to social development through communication is immeasurable, committing to the cause since the 80s.  He continued to stay focused on his commitments, holdings meetings and discussions even to the last days, to make sure Aidcom continues to play its important role in fulfilling its mandate to integrate communication support in development.  In fact, a few months before his departure, he presented a project on women entrepreneurship to the state of Selangor, a project which he helped initiate that has benefitted many countries in this region. Although I only had the opportunity to know him closer in recent years, when Aidcom became a part of our Faculty, I feel I have lost a great friend and a great teacher.  He was ever willing to share his experiences and networking.  ”

Prof Dr Azmuddin Ibrahim
Dean, Faculty of Communication and Media
Universiti Selangor, Malaysia

“Bashar was as even-tempered as they come, never getting flustered even under the most depressing of circumstances.”

Balan Moses
Veteran Journalist, Malaysia

“He certainly made a very significant contribution to the field of development communication.”

Prof Emeritus Dr Colle
Cornell University, USA

“His demise has left a personal void in my life and a valuable gap in the media universe of which he had made his mark, most notably in the field of development communication. Bashar got me started on the Asian environmental movement in the early 80s and 90s. Through him, I was able to take part in conferences and seminars, and enriched myself and contributed to the regional green forums and their activities. I will always remember with fondness our meetings – like receiving him at Changi Airport and visiting the diamond mountain tourist resort in North Korea.”

Ivan Lim
President, AJA, Singapore

“I would say he believed in Aidcom wholeheartedly for what it was seeking to achieve by way of training and exposure for journalists in the developing world. In his heyday, the buzzword was development journalism or one that sought to get journalists working with governments in the developing world as partners for the greater good, not given to plain sensationalism. It will be true to say he remained the lynch pin that kept AIDCOM together right to the end.”

P C Shivadas
Board Member, Aidcom, Malaysia

“The late Khairul Bashar has left a global void that is unlikely to be filled. His gentle and soft nature belied a man with multiple talents who nurtured a burning desire to improve the lot of his fellow man through the pursuit of excellence in the communication media. Thoughtful and even-tempered, he was always either on the lookout for talent or otherwise nurturing it. When the occasion demanded it, he was fearless, unflappable and a stickler for order and discipline. Above all, Khairul was a dedicated family man, and a charming host. He will surely be missed.”

Philip Matthews
Media Consultant, Malaysia

“His contributions in the field of development communication are enormous and well known in the Asian region. We will all miss him greatly as a dear friend and a specialist in development communication.” 

Dr Tan Boon Ann,
Former ESCAP Consultant,  Thailand

“Mr Bashar was a dedicated lecturer with wealth of knowledge, humble and very honest in teaching. He was most loved and deeply missed by all students. ”

Noorathirah Anuar
Student, Universiti Selangor, Malaysia

May Allah the Almighty have mercy on his soul




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